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We are your One-Stop Shop for your Human Resource needs. PAXCORP is an HR company whose strength lies in the provision of efficient and cost effective services in the Philippines. Our primary commitment is to offer manpower support to increase our client’s efficiency and allow them to focus on their core business instead. Other than manpower services, we also offer suitable HR audit and management tools.



·      Janitorial/ Maintenance Personnel

·      Promodizers/ Merchandisers

·      Customer Service Representatives

·      Gardeners

·      Elevator Operators

·      Plumbers

·      Electricians

·      Messengers

·      Other Ancillary Services




Recruitment and Selection


It is our expertise to find and present qualified candidates for any position in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We continuously build a pool of pre-qualified candidates for various job requirements. Job openings are continuously posted on our website, partner sites, and social media among others.



We customize our screening and testing processes for each and every client to ensure that all the candidates we endorse meet the exact requirements of our clients. We believe that workers can maximize their full potentials if the job matches their qualifications, interests, and skills.  Our thorough screening process involves situational, behavioral, and competency-based assessment techniques. Below is the typical process we put into practice:



1.   Needs Assessment – Understanding specific manpower requirements of the client.

2.   Search and Pooling – Finding a suitable number of applicants from database, referrals, or job posting responses.  We provide both manual and online application facilities.

3.   Matching – Narrowing qualified candidates and matching them to clients’ requirements.

4.   Interview and Evaluation – Candidates are interviewed and personal data are evaluated.  Client-Candidate interviews can also be arranged if client desires.

5.   Reference Check – Every selected candidate undergoes a thorough background check prior to hiring and fielding.  This includes verification and authentication of all records and data submitted.

6.   Endorsement – All screened and qualified applicants are endorsed to the client for approval. Medical Clearance from our accredited clinics (as needed).




PAXCORP also provides in-house development seminars, management coaching, and training needs analysis.  We can align your training needs with your corporate objectives and organizational well-being. We can also design specific training programs according to organization’s own requirements. We have built a pool of trainers and experts across major fields of discipline, stemming out from the founders’ experience and network acquired in the academe and business realm.



Compensation and Benefits

Our strong capital base enables “on-time payment” of salaries and all government-mandated benefits. As a registered subcontractor under DOLE, we ensure compliance to Labor Law requirements. We also ensure that our clients are well informed and updated on labor rules and trends in conformity with our standards.



Consulting and Management


PAXCORP provides consulting services on issues revolving around recruitment, training, selection, compensation, performance appraisal, promotion, retention, termination, and dispute resolution among others.  We can help you arrive at strategic solutions to your HR related issues. We can assist you in designing employment correspondences, contracts, forms, handbooks, training and operational manuals, and other HR tools.  We can also provide manpower support for business units in need of temporary or seasonal workers for exigencies.


We provide HR Audit services.  Undeniably, it is more effective to have a third party examine your department or processes and provide you with unbiased evaluation and recommendations. We can benchmark from usual practices in the other companies or industries.


In addition to all these services mentioned, we can tailor specific HR related services to suit your requirements. Just contact us and we shall be delighted to discuss it with you.



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