Who are we . . .


Professional Alliance of Experts Corporation (PAXCORP) is a service and consulting firm that specializes in providing manpower support to various industries. It aims to help organizations reduce complexities and cost by providing highly trained workforce.


PAXCORP’s inception in 2010 stems from the expansion and diversification thrusts of its management from their solid experience in the manpower industry. Now, with a more dynamic partnership and management, PAXCORP sets its foothold in becoming a premier HR firm in the country.


The company is led by experts with vast exposure in different industries, from retail to service, coupled with professional practice in business planning, training, franchising, and the academe.


The company aims to provide its clients above satisfactory performance to help them improve and grow their organizations while providing jobs and better career opportunities.



With an immersed understanding of the human resource needs of an organization while maintaining empathy to employees’ needs, the firm can foster an ideal working environment.


PAXCORP offers manpower support primarily in building maintenance. We can also tailor your workforce that can suit your specific needs in compliance with industry standards and labor law requirements in the Philippines.


Currently, PAXCORP is a registered Contractor under DOLE Department Order 18-A.


Mission and Vision


Our Mission


To help industries, create jobs, and improve lives.


Corporate Values


·      Quality of service above all

·      Honesty, Hard work, and Efficiency

·      Social Responsibility

·      Empathy

·      Filipino Hospitality

·      Equal Employment Opportunity

·      Teamwork

·      Continuous Improvement



Our Vision


To be the leading human resource provider in the country built on competence, expertise, integrity, and innovativeness.


What’s in a Name?

PAX in most business dictionaries stands for passenger, personnel, or simply representing “people”.  To us, it is more than just an acronym for Professional Alliance of eXperts. Our corporate name embodies professional relationship building with clients and personnel.  More than an alliance of partners with diverse expertise but with same interest of working with people, we strive to maintain professionalism in all our tasks.


Our firm believes that people are the organization’s best resource and asset. This company is founded on the basic idea of providing people, for the people, thus our tag line “The People’s Company”.










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